Samstag, 5. September 2009

Lakefront Brewery


Since Milwaukee has millions of breweries it was time for the Germans to get going. Therefore we decided to go and see the primium but local Lakefront Brewery. We were 18 people; lots of us were germans and mostly all of them do study with me at UWM. Before we even started the tour we were already provided with beers and our very nice tourguide 'Mark' did show us around.
Well it was crazy and I did even end up with the entire brewerystaff in the reefer drinking beer. ;)

I have to admit, the staff is friendly and it was a great time at Lakefront Brewery;
after locking up the entire place they even drove me downtown to catch up with my friends which by then had already left me behind and went partying at some bar in Milwaukee.

1 Kommentar:

  1. sehr geil chris...
    hoffe bei dir alles fit, werde auf jeden deine einträge verfolgen, sind jetzt die letzten 3 tage in vegas...

    werde dir dann aus good old germany ma ausführlich schreiben. war auch klar das der erste post hier was mit bier zu tun hat :D

    gruss marcelles