Sonntag, 20. September 2009

Go Pack Go!!!

And another Day of Sports and my first Football game ever...

if I continue seeing so many different things there might be nothing left for the rest of my stay :) I/we were lucky getting those tickets though cause Packer tickets are not available for public; they are all given out to season tickets owner since approx. 60 years or so... That is why we were so happy to ever get the chance going there. The funniest part about all this is that I actually bought them from one of my students :) Lucky :)

As one is supposed to, we (Moppel, Stacy, Mike and I) drove up to Green Bay; covered with beers and lots of food to Tailgate (A big thanks to stacys mom once again sine she did some great cooking). Tailgating is done at quite some locations here in Wisconsin and means that everybody brings all the mentioned stuff to pre-party and after-party on the parking lots. They even park in random peoples gardens and get their grill and beer going over there!!! This is fun... As you can see we did exactly that before after and I almost was about to say in between the game. Certainly we didn`t in between cause at this time we were rather watching the game inside. Unfortunately the Packers lost but still, it was just an incredible atmosphere and the three hours passed by like nothing.

The stadium holds about 72000 people and every single seat was taken... We were even that many people in the stadium that it was only little place for everybody since Lambeau Field still has those benches rather than seats. Anyway a great experience...

Oh one last thing; They are famous for their cheese heads and that is what you can see on my last picture.

Take good care...

Brewers at Miller-Park

Its time for some Updates:

Besides working hard at uni and doing this crazy teaching thing (of which both is going good so far) I try to balance my time and hence go have fun every now and then.
Well it was time for me to see some sports in Milwaukee and this is why Mike and I did go to the Miller Park on Friday night. In case you are not that familiar with Milwaukee, this is where the Brewers (Baseball) play. Once there, we met our friend Tia and had a few Brats (The live size Brats race around the ball-park btw; but the German one did not win :)). We plaied Huston (Astros) and in the 7th inning, they could finally turn the match around. Thus they won!!! Which is good since I do not like my team to loose. Well the best part in the entire game was when I was sitting on my chair and even received this baseball :) this is great; no even beyond great. I always wanted to get one and than I am even this lucky. Thank God, or maybe... :)

This much for Friday...

Dienstag, 8. September 2009

Labor Day! What shall a bunch of Germans do on such an important holiday? Of course go and have some fun :) That is why we decided to grab a bunch of people (the common suspects and three very kind Americans named Kyle, Stef, and Hannah) and head off to "Six Flag Great America" If you don’t yet know what this place is; I guess the pictures should make it quite obvious but anyway, it is an amusement park right by Chicago:) That is right; and believe it or not even though it was a public holiday there were almost no people and we could go straight on almost every ride without the need to wait in enormous queues :) It was lots of fun and Superman, Raging Bull and the free drop are just amazing but also sometimes a bit scary. BTW; this is not better writing than in your mails :)

Samstag, 5. September 2009

Lakefront Brewery


Since Milwaukee has millions of breweries it was time for the Germans to get going. Therefore we decided to go and see the primium but local Lakefront Brewery. We were 18 people; lots of us were germans and mostly all of them do study with me at UWM. Before we even started the tour we were already provided with beers and our very nice tourguide 'Mark' did show us around.
Well it was crazy and I did even end up with the entire brewerystaff in the reefer drinking beer. ;)

I have to admit, the staff is friendly and it was a great time at Lakefront Brewery;
after locking up the entire place they even drove me downtown to catch up with my friends which by then had already left me behind and went partying at some bar in Milwaukee.


Hallo alle zusammen,

ich freue mich euch endlich auf meiner eigenen Seite willkommen zu heißen und euch mit den nötigen Informationen über meine Erlebnisse zu versorgen!

Schaut euch alles gut an und posted was geht. Lasst es euch gut gehen und bis die Tage