Sonntag, 20. September 2009

Brewers at Miller-Park

Its time for some Updates:

Besides working hard at uni and doing this crazy teaching thing (of which both is going good so far) I try to balance my time and hence go have fun every now and then.
Well it was time for me to see some sports in Milwaukee and this is why Mike and I did go to the Miller Park on Friday night. In case you are not that familiar with Milwaukee, this is where the Brewers (Baseball) play. Once there, we met our friend Tia and had a few Brats (The live size Brats race around the ball-park btw; but the German one did not win :)). We plaied Huston (Astros) and in the 7th inning, they could finally turn the match around. Thus they won!!! Which is good since I do not like my team to loose. Well the best part in the entire game was when I was sitting on my chair and even received this baseball :) this is great; no even beyond great. I always wanted to get one and than I am even this lucky. Thank God, or maybe... :)

This much for Friday...

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  1. war ja wieder klar du glückspilz ;) auf jeden saucoole bilder, hau rein und viele grüße aus orschel